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BuySolar-UPS provides products and services in the Power Electronic and Electrical sector with relevant focus on Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Power backup, Power protection, and electrical products. Being a highly innovative company, we provide product solutions suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial customers


BuySolar-UPS offers competitive options on products and services as desired by customers. We ensure that our clients have access to detailed and transparent technical information of products that are needed by individuals and system integrators to make the most technical and financial decisions

What we do?

BuySolar-UPS is managed by dedicated and well-trained engineers, administrators and logistic experts with vast experience in power systems, electrical, telecoms, and ICT sector. BuySolar-UPS products and solutions cover the entire range of power systems and electrical & electrical appliances including but not limited to the Power inverter, Solar Inverter, solar modules, Batteries, Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR, Uninterrupted Power Supplies UPS, DC Power supplies( Rectifiers) Circuit breakers, Surge protectors, Isolation Transformers, Lightings, Electrical fittings, appliances, and accessories, etc.

Why Choose Us?

BuySolar-UPS is constantly in tune with technological advancement in power and energy efficiency industry and closely collaborates with reputable vendors and brands across the globe to deliver quality and competitive products to support everyday work environments like homes, offices, marine, industrial companies, hospitals, factories, data centers, etc 

Our flexibility has helped to bring together a variety and the best possible products and solutions to meet every one of our customers’ specific needs, we also offer logistics and business support to our vendors, suppliers, and distributors.

“All our products come with varying warranty level from the day of purchase, please check warranty terms and conditions”

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Yes, you can be part of our business and service.

Business: You be part of the business and earn from: Become a Referral program. Please you are advice to read our guideline before enrolling for it.

Service: Are you a good and experience electrical and solar product installer? If yes, you be part of our service nationwide by signing up to be Installer and stand a chance of becoming part of our meritorious service.


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We deliver the best quality products that fully supports your need.

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Product(s) delivery are prompt and fast. Depending on the urgency of your product(s), we work hand-in-hand to beat deadlines. Our internation shipping are fast and reliable. Mostly, you get your product(s) before the stipulated shipping date.

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Our well nurtured customer care service are ready to attend to you any time you need them. Feel free to use our customer care service

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