100w Monocrystalline 12v solar panel 600w solar kits system with controller for 12v battery home China (600w solar system)

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600w 12v solar panel system including 6 pcs 16V 100w flexible solar panel+50A solar controller+solar connector+solar cable


1. The flexible solar panel is suitable for various scenes such as RV, Trailer, camper, Boat ,Yacht, street light,cabin ,Tentetc. 2. It adopts PET, has high light transmittance, is safe and reliable, is not afraid of high temperature, and has no danger of burning or explosion. 3. The component contains a bypass diode, and the circuit uses input over current protection and reverses protection design. 4. With the latest lamination technology, it is lighter, softer, harder and has a longer life. 5. Flexible configuration of solar module parameters for more flexible configuration of controllers and batteries.

600W Solar Panel Kit Packing List

6pcs 100w 16v flexible solar panel 1pcs PWM solar charge controller 1set cable with battery clips 1set cable with PV connector 1pair 6 in 1 solar adapter


Super Lightweight: With polymer materials, this product weighs 70% less than conventional solar panels, making transportation and installation a breeze. High Efficient: High efficiency solar cell: Monocrystalline 21% Extremely Flexible: This panel is capable of meeting a wide range of applications where standard panels can be inconvenient to mount, such as on the curved roof of an airstream. Super Thin: Hardly noticeable, the 100W Lightweight Panel laid flat is only a tenth of an inch tall! Approximately 95% thinner than its rigid counterpart, this panel is ideal for a stealthy solar setup. Protection: Bypass diodes minimize power drop caused by shade and ensure excellent performance in low-light environments. Highly Durable: Rigorously tested, the 100W panel was designed to withstand extreme wind and snow loads and marine environment. Easy to install: Metal holes in the corners of the product for fixing screws and mounting.

Products Parameter at Standard Test Conditions

Max Power : 100w Max Power voltage : 16V Max Power Current : 6.25A Open Circuit Voltage : 19.2V Short Circuit Current : 6.875A Maximum System Voltage : 600V Cell size : 125*125MM Max Power tolerance : ±3% Temperature coefficient of Pmax : -0.38%/℃ Temperature coefficient of Voc : -60.5mV/℃ Temperature coefficient of Isc : 2.2mA/℃ Dimension : 1050*530*3mm Weight : 2.04kg

Solar system connection

1.Make sure your battery has enough voltage for the controller to recognize the battery type before first installation. 2.The battery cable should be as short as possible to minimize loss. 3.The regulator is only suitable for lead acid batteries: OPEN, AGM, GEL(It is not suited for nickel metal hydride, lithium ions or other batteries). 4.The charge regulator is only suitable for regulating solar modules. Never connect another charging source to the charge regulator. 5.Connect the battery to the charge regulator – plus and minus.it will show 1 ,if it detects 12V battery, 2 if it detects 24V battery. 6.Connect the photovoltaic module to the regulator – plus and minus. 7. Connect the consumer to the charge regulator – plus and minus.

Additional information

Weight 13.2 kg
Dimensions 117.0 × 55.0 × 10.0 cm

600w solar system



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